Farmers count losses in Boroli refugee settlement

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

Heavy rains with hailstorm have destroyed gardens in Boroli refugee settlement leaving over 5 homesteads in need of relief aid.
Koma Anthony, a block leader told Juba Monitor that the hailstorm lasted for only thirty minutes from 5:30 to 6:00 PM yesterday.
He said the hailstorm destroyed gardens of Beans, Cassava, Maize, and banana plantations.
One hundred people have been affected in his village and in addition,   5 houses and structures for rabbits were damaged.
Agnes Mumbere, an affected resident said she lost one and half acres of Cassava and a  house.

“With this situation in Uganda what will I do, ‘’she said.
She pleaded with government for help.

“Please we are asking OPM and the government to look into the matter,’’ she added.
Moro Patrick a youth leader appealed to the Office of the Prime Minister to come to the rescue of the affected communities and provide food relief and roofing materials to those whose houses were destroyed.

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