Farmers and cattle keepers clash in Cuei-adukan

By Mabor Riak Magok

Some famers and cattle keepers have clashed in Cuei-adukan Lakes State leaving three people dead and one wounded, Police confirm.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the Chief Inspector of police in Rumbek Central County, Lakes State Brigadier General Majak Alapayo Ador said the cause of clashes was triggered by Gony and Dhiei armed cattle keepers who moved their cattle camps into the farming areas of Cuei-adukan.

“We have sent security forces to Cuei-adukan village to forcefully return those camps back to their original cattle camps where they belong,” said Alapayo.

He said the government would ensure that the displaced community of Cuei-adukan will be protected.

He said the police is investigating the cause of incident   between Cuei-adukan farmers and the cattle keepers.

He urged both warring communities to cease violence.

“Yes, the security situations in the area after clashes is calmed and normal, there are no tension because the farming areas which were camped by cattle keepers have been evacuated and the cattle keepers have been moved back to Wunakan cattle camps,” said Alapayo.

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