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With Odongo Odoyo

Alfred Taban Logune the doyen of journalism and media development in the country is no more.

Alfred left us while undergoing treatment at a hospital in the neighbouring Kampala, Uganda last Saturday.

May our Lord Almighty rest his soul in eternal life. All of us are on the same journey but when, how and what time is what we cannot say or predict.

The Board of Directors, management and staff of Juba Monitor are saddened by the demise, which has robbed Grand Africa Media Service, the mother of Juba Monitor, able eloquent and forthright Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who we shall miss dearly.

Alfred gave his life and time to help bring up and develop young talents in journalism

He was himself a mentor and a professional father to many from Khartoum Monitor to the present Juba Monitor, which he brought into fame and ensured, reached several parts of the region.

The Juba Monitor family has vowed to carry his wish to meet his vision which was not only for Juba Monitor, but for the entire media industry in the country.

The vibrant six and above feet tall with deep voice of a leader was an M.P and a member of the National Dialogue.

He was an asset to the two institutions. With his pen and notebook, he led the onslaught on the oppressor until the country gained independence.

He was the voice and mouthpiece of the liberators. He did his work and earned a name among the liberators.

He will always stand tall like his height wherever he is going to be and will be remembered for a long time to come because of his foresight and legacy, which we at Juba Monitor will carry forward and ensure success. No amount of off-sight will divert this attention as we remain together and close to his family.


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