Editorial 23rd Apri9l 2018


A sombre mood engulfed the country the whole weekend on receiving the sad news of the death of General James Ajongo Mawut. It was with disbelief and hard to chew information coming from the Egyptian capital, Cairo that the chief of Defense Force was no more. We are all in prayers and mourning together with the family friends and relatives. The body of the late arrived in the country yesterday for final journey to his last resting place. It is sad to everyone who knew him or worked with him. But more it is a big loss to the country which needed his services now more than any other time. The vision and mission the late Ajongo lived for should not be left to go to waste. They should be made to work for the betterment of the country that he loved so much and worked so hard to bring to this level with dedication and trust together with his liberation colleagues. He had wished to have professional and well-disciplined men in uniform under his command. He had wished for peace to be restored in all parts of the country so that the common man went about his/her business in more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. This can be achieved and would be a befitting farewell to the fallen hero and liberator, James Ajongo. Sure the country will miss your honest services, but knowing that you meant well, the mission you were planning or had started will be continued by those who will carry the mantle. Let Ajongo’s dream not die with him. Let his dreams remain alive to benefit the present and future generation. His love for all was demonstrated by friends, relatives, colleagues and the leadership of this country at the Juba International Airport through to parliament and St Theresa Church in Kator, where thousands converged to receive the body of the late Chief of Defense.

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