FAO donates vehicle to Ministry of Agriculture

By: Tombura James

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UNFOA) has yesterday donated a vehicle to the national Ministry of Agriculture.

While receiving the car, Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec Minister of Agriculture and Food Security said the donation was a respond to their previous request made to FAO.

He said they had earlier requested the organization to provide car to support mobility in the Ministry of Agriculture.

Onyoti added that the vehicle would be used for monitoring and supervising agricultural activities in the country.

He hailed FAO for presenting the document of South-South Cooperation with China, saying the presentation would help in improving food security in the country.

The Minister promised to table the document before the Council of Ministers for approval.

 “South Sudan has a lot of crops that can be exported but due to poor infrastructures especially roads have limited the country’s productivity,” Onyoti stressed.

Dr. Charles Owach, the Assistance FAO representative said the agricultural sector in the country needs both home and imported technologies.

He said it was up to the citizens to identify the type of technologies required in various fields of agriculture such as types of fertilizers and pesticides that may not affect the crops.

 Dr. Owach said FAO has operational fields throughout the country to support trainings.

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