The National Ministry of Health should take some issues seriously because the docket handle sensitive and important health matters. The Fangak outbreak where over 90 people are reported to have died due to mysterious disease is a case in point. The Ministry should not remain seated in Juba with promises that a team would be sent to assess the situation on the ground. This should not be the case, they should be telling the country that on learning of the outbreak a team had already been dispatched on the ground to save the situation and report back for a back-up solution. They cannot take more than three days still debating and planning a response team which should always be ever ready for such eventualities. Worse still one of the senior most official in the same Ministry displayed ignorance over the matter. How do these public servants work. Are they really coordinating and collectively serving the public. This might not be the attitude of the health ministry alone, there are other dockets which are not prioritizing their work meant to serve and save the populace. The Ministry and the World Health Organization (WHO) were scheduled to leave Juba today for Fangak. Hopefully they have left and are on the ground to help save the situation. There should be commitment and love of the calling for the work to serve the general public. Not collecting data and assessing the situation when human beings are dying not to mention destruction of their property including domestic animals. It is time some public service deliverers took their responsibilities seriously when discharging their duties that are meant to serve and protect the common-man.

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