Family of assassinated MP appeals for justice

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The family of the late Simon Deng Bol Jack a Member of National Parliament who was assassinated between Madeng and Nasir County in Upper Nile State in 2019 when disseminating peace agreement message in the country is appealing for justice.

The late Simon Deng Bol Jack was killed while travelling on a boat between Madeng and Nasir town when gunmen opened fire from a riverbank on him and his bodyguard.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the son,Gatkuoth Simon Deng Bol appealed to the national government to bring perpetrators who assassinated his father to book.

“I am here to ask the national government for justice regarding the death of my late father Simon Deng Bol because since the incident the government has kept silent over the matter. All politicians and his friends are keeping silent and even the security organs in the country. My father died as a hero because he was killed while on government mission to disseminate the peace agreement in the country,”Gatkuoth said.

He added that since thenParliament and the government had promised that investigation would be carried out a promise, he argued, never materialized.

“We the family members,we are urging the government to investigate and justice to be done,” he said. Gatkuothrevealed that since the incident occurred, the family received moral support and condolences from the neighboring countries and some European nations including the Arab League.Also, some condolences came from Tanzania, Sudan, Kenya, Geneva, Brussels, and Arab League, and all these demanding for justice,Jack said.

Gatkuothwas named Deputy President of Pan Africa Confederation Trade Union.

On 12 April 2019, the Organization of African Trade Union immediately requested the government to hurry up the investigation for the murder of Chairperson of South Sudan Workers Trade Union Federation late Simon Deng.They said the government should ensure that the perpetrators of “this barbaric act” are brought to justice.

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