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Family of a man killed by his in-law demands justice

By Hou Akot Hou

The relatives of the man who was killed by his brother-in-law on Sunday last week demands justice in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State.

Diing Diing, Cousin to the late said they are wondering why the authorities are not sending the case to the court.

“The suspect is not being arraigned in a court of law. We all know that the suspect has a right to defend or accept the fault but since he is an old man. We wonder why there is a delay in delivering him to court” Deng says.

Meanwhile, Guot Guot Akol, Police Spokesperson in Northern Bahr El Gazal State says that Police resting with the attorney to study the case and rule out how such matter could be ruled out.

“Whenever such matter occurs, we have to intervene to quell the tension. Now is in the attorney or the judge to see to it and then decides when the date of the court is announced” says Guot.

He went on to warn the local population against taking little attention in being vigilant with people suffering from the mental sickness.I would like to emphasize here that we have people who are victimized by a lot of factors be it war, stress conditions, and lack of economic balance, and all that, and as such we have to handle them with care and honesty. It’s upon us not to disrespect their rights to life when seen going out of order or deny them their right to live the life God has chosen for them. It is an illness that is with them” Akol said.

He added that some cases of people that are believed to be orchestrating death cases and are related to the madness that led to killing the innocent ones are on the rise in Northern Bahr El Gazal State.

He revealed that last year, one woman killed her little daughter in Aweil South County and the populace in the area blamed the matter to madness. The State’s Ministry Officials decry the poor services being rendered to the people suffering from the psychiatric diseases or mental illnesses as the state doesn’t have an effective unit for the mental health issues.

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