Family demands release of whistleblower

By John Agok

The state Coordinator of Community Empowerment Organization (CEPO) Daniel Laat Kon and the family of the Whistleblower for Girls Education South Sudan (GESS) fund scandal are demanding for his release.

Ustaz John Magher Achieng Wei from Yirol East County of Lakes state was arrested and detained for revealing an alleged misappropriation of GESS money in the state and remained in detention in Makoi NSS facility since his arrest on 27th last month.

According to family members who declined to be disclosed for fear of repercussion, Ustaz John Magher Achieng Wei was still in dentition without charges by men in uniform.

Source from the family have demanded for his release or transferred to police Custody for law to take it cost.

However, Juba Monitor caught up with Daniel Laat Kon the state Coordinator of the Community Empowerment Organization (CEPO) who demanded unconditional release of the teacher or be arraigned incompetent court.

“It is very unfortunate that, the teacher who has issues with the ministry of education is being locked up by the National Security Service instead of being placed in a police facility to face charges he is alleged to have committed ”, he said

Kon added that the organization was responsible for whistle-blowing where scandal is suspected to exist and the law had to be applied if there were controversies surrounding issues of corruption. What happened look is like intimidation to gag the freedom of expression.

“The Community has whistle-blowers and there should be laws applied to solve such controversies. What happened is like intimidation to gag freedom of expression”, he stated.

Sources revealed that Mager was arrested on Tuesday morning after he was called by the Director-General of the state Ministry of Education to receive the salary of one of the teachers in his Payam. The colleagues threatened to reveal all the scandal reports if the authorities failed to release Mager.

“He was arrested in the morning after being called by the director-general to receive the incentives for one of the teachers. He was detained by the state security in Rumbek,” said a source who preferred not to be identified for security reasons.

“But if they continue to detain him, we are not going to hide anything again. We will reveal everything that we did not want to report.” Prior to his arrest, Mager said he was receiving threats from state authorities for revealing the report about the misuse of funds to the media.

“I have been facing threats for posting the report on social media and also talking to the media about the misuse of education funds. They have also detained my salary for the same reason,” Mager said on Monday before his arrest. Attempts to reach the state minister of general education and instruction and the director-general in the ministry were futile.

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