Families demand justice for Pieri plane crash victims

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The families of the victims who perished in the Pieri plane crash of the South Supreme Airline are demanding Justice for their relatives.

They further accused the owners of the South Supreme Airline of ignoring them ever since they lost their beloved ones in the plane crash in Pieri area Uror county in Jonglei state.

The group added, they were left stacked and disappointed after the authorities concerned failed to provide clear information about justice for those who perished in the crash as well as for the families.

Addressing the media yesterday,Nyabeach Majur Malou, a daughter of the late Captain Majur Malou Malongadolsaid the family members of the nine victims want to see that justice takes its course.

“The Issue at hand is justice for those who perished by aircraft at the Pieri airstrip that have been disregarded for nearly two months,” Nyabeach exposed.

The group father extends their gratitude to President Salva Kiir for abolishing further flights with South Supreme, and also express their appreciation to First Vice President Dr. RiekMachar for allowing the remains of my father and his copilot to be recovered in that specific territory.

“To Mr. AyiiDuangAyii in regards to the situation at hand we have no hatred towards you, although things were goingabout the wrong way, condolences would’ve been enough but with the evidence provided and the international laws that were disregarded, our only wish is a call for justice for not only those who perished but for the families as well,” Ms. Malou added.

She said that, the families tried several times to meet Mr. Ayii to discuss about the issue but they could not meet as Mr. Ayii keeps dodging the family members.

However, the nine family members arethreatening to use legal measures against the company if the company fails to cooperate with the family members.

They further called on the government especially the Ministry of Transport, Aviation Authority and the South Supreme Airline authorities to come out and tell clear information on what is going about the issue.

In March, ten people including eight passengers and two pilots lost their lives after South Supreme Airlines flight HK-4274 bound for the capital Juba took off from the town of Pieri in Jonglei state and crashed.

The South Supreme Airlines flight went down immediately after taking off at 5 p.m. local time (1500GMT).   

This is the second time that such incident was reported involving an aircraft operated by the regional airline. The first occurred in 2017, when a South Supreme Airline plane caught fire and made a crash landing, but there were no fatalities. 

South Supreme Airlines could not be reached for comment on the latest incident.

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