FAKE, woman arrested with poisonous alcohol

By Elia Joseph Loful

Juba city authorities have arrested a Kenyan woman for illegally brewing local alcohol using poisonous chemicals.

The woman allegedly brewed the alcohol using chemicals commonly used by doctors for administering anesthetics procedures.

The authorities said the woman branded the spirit as “Classic Royal Whisky” to deceive her clients.

She was intercepted in Hai Mayo residential area following the death of a man who reportedly drunk the spirit.

The lady has been in the business for nearly two years supplying the whole of Juba and other parts of the country.

The spirit, “anesthetic” is dangerous to human health according to physicians.

Speaking to journalists on Thursday, Thiik Thiik Mayardit the Deputy Mayor of Juba City said the woman was caught selling illegal alcohol which is harmful to the health of humans.

“We are here today at Juba City Council with this drum in front of us with all other small jerrycans and small bottles. They were got yesterday at the house of Njeri Kamau Bernice,” he said.

The Deputy Mayor said Ms. Njeri was found possessing harmful liquor which contained anesthetic spirit.

“She was arrested doing all this and killing our people instantly. That means that we South Sudan a lot of things are coming to us,” Thiik said.

Thiik said most of the foreigners are bringing dirty products into the country.

“This people are bringing the dirty things to us. While in our country we have our own drinks,” Thiik said.

He added that City Council was doing all what it can to protect the lives of the citizens.

“We wanted to tell our people that all things are good for consumption. City Council is doing all what it can to protect the lives of people of South Sudan which are being killed instantly by other people,” said Thiik.

He said the suspect will be deported to her country after proper legal procedures are finished.

Johnson Swaka Mishak, the Executive Officer at Juba City Council said the woman made the alcohol locally, branding it to deceive people that it was factory made.

“This lady deceives her customers that the liquor is from the factory. But it does not even bear any name of a company,” Swaka said.

He said the counterfeit drink was not meant for human consumption, saying “the liquid spirit is deadly because it affects the brain.”

“We want to tell our people that this thing is dangerous and we are now ordering all our staff to conduct thorough search in the residences and even we will write to National Bureau of Standard to take this issue into consideration,” Swaka added.


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