Fake Facebook account

By Anna Nimiriano

Somebody opened a Facebook account in the name of Axillary Bishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba, Santo Lako Pio, and he or she is collecting money for Centenary in the name of Bishop Pio. He said he is Bishop Pio which is not correct. We need to understand that there is nothing of that nature. That account is fake; Bishop Pio is not taking money online or asking people to contribute online for Centenary celebrations.

Those who are contributing for Centenary celebrations pay money to the secretariat unit for Centenary at the Archdiocese of Juba premises.  There is no money being paid any how like in the above mentioned account. Who would be responsible for accountability in this collection, if we may ask?  The Facebook account is fake, no one should contribute in that account.  Rumor had it that some people have already made some contributions.

This is fraud; you cannot ask for money in the name of a responsible person like Bishop Pio for your personal needs. If Bishop Pio is asking people to contribute for Centenary, he is encouraging them to promote the activities of Centenary to continue, which remains one celebration on the First of November this year. Nobody should get it as an opportunity to collect money in fake accounts in the name of Bishop Pio.

The person who opened the Facebook account, the money he or she is collecting is going to his or her wallet not for the church as claimed. People have to be careful in contributing money online.  Any account you don’t understand, don’t contribute to it.

There are a lot of crimes going around on social media including fake news. People create fake information or statement to spoil the name of individuals or an institution. These have been done by our people and those who are using social media wrongly. If you need money, take it in good manner, so that it brings blessing to you and your family. Collecting money in bad way will cause misfortune to you and your family.

Even in the offices some people take money in wrong ways, sometimes they give fake receipts to their bosses for certain project activities to be implemented. Other crimes were done by bosses to get more money for themselves. For them is a way of earning more money to improve their condition, which is wrong. That means the person is corrupt as he or she is misusing the funds of an institution or organization. Several people use their positions to get more money in bad faith.

This scenario has to be stopped; otherwise your life will be short in this world. Does good and God will bless you at the end of the day.


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