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With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Sometime one is provoked beyond reasonable doubt like this time around it has happened. Some people outside there are trying very hard either to belittle or demean the media industry, particularly, the print. Let us call a spade a spade not a big spoon. A certain culture seems to be crawling in with or without intentions but which is dangerous to the media business. Yes l will agree that sharing information is allowed and a noble cause of creating awareness and a well-informed society. Recently some players in the social media took it upon themselves to post final raw copies of newspapers before being published at the printing press. One question l would like them to address is how are they getting these copies to send to different platforms. My mind tells me that this is classified like to kill the goose that lays eggs because through these platforms readers will have the opportunity to read the news but have you considered the loss the media house is going to incur. One such recent case was the posting of Juba Monitor which had just been finalizes and sent to the printing press within a span of less than five minutes. The copy was bouncing in the social media. It is an economic death for such institution and if it is being done on purpose then it is a crime which must be investigated and appropriate action taken. There are things that should not be taken lightly because they form the right of existence of human being. Iike my Editor In Chief mentioned yesterday in her column, for the growth of the media industry, we must learn to avoid shadow boxing and instead address issues with open and honest mind that care for professionalism and journalist ethics. There are few thing in journalism that we must always understand and apply, truth, honest and integrity. Those whodo not understand and obey these few principles end up being disgraced by their own doings. We need to respect one another in what he or she is doing, but above all we must understand that institutions are not made for individuals but for people who lead the path to prosperity for all. It is shameful to pretend while the aim is to destroy your fellow-mate. Reasons have it that we are all the same and important to one another in business and in life so we should not take one another for granted. The worst disease in life is pretending while at the same time talking negatively behind your fellow-human being. Coronavirus pandemic may be so severe but pretenders are worse than the pandemic. Weare all aware that unless with a mirror, one cannot see his back. Someone has to do that for you and that can only be a good friend who really care about you. What can we give such a friend. Is it the thank of a donkey or what.

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