A foot for thought

Fake certificate is law-breaking

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

According to information published in the newspaper, there were over 400 fake certificate holders in South Sudan. This is big number in terms of academic certificates which have a negative impact in the country. It is good that the authorities took the matter to the court waiting for the final result.

Those who hold fake certificates were lazy students, they wanted certificates but not in the right way. It is unfair to employ them with fake certificates over individuals who have qualified certificates from recognized Universities.

The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology has a lot of work to do in selecting candidates and screen academic certificates.  The first people to recognize such kind of crime is the Ministry of Education.

Before South Sudan became an independent country, there were people producing fake Sudan school certificates illegally. The aim was to have those students got the chance for intake in university. The disadvantage of it was that majority of them were not performing well in Universities. Eventually, it was realized and government had to do away with it.

The concerned authorities should be very careful in observing the academic certificates. Those who studied in abroad, their certificates should be scrutinized. People who graduated from unrecognized Universities, their certificates could be considered fake. In any country, such practices exist.

They were allowed to operate in the country illegally. If we make research, there would be many schools that have not yet been registered with the Ministry of Higher education.

However, parents and guidance should take care of schools their children are studying in. Children of those years were not like children of this generation who do not respect rules of Education in the country. Taking them in the court would notallow others to do the same.

My advice to students is that study, get real academic certificates from the recognized Universities or High Learning institutions.

May God bless us all.

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