Faithful commemorated the suffering of Jesus Christ

By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala.

South Sudanese faithful in Kampala Uganda remembered the suffering of Jesus Christ who died for the sake of our sins. The Sunday Easter congregation was led into prayers by Bishop of Malek Diocese, Eastern Internal Province Rumbek. Bishop Peter Marial Agok who was currently in Kampala appealed to believers to be exemplary by preaching peace and unity to the people of South Sudan by doing what almighty God asked Christians to do,for God well on earth to be realized through love and carrying for one another as people of God.

 Bishop Peter Marial prayed for leadership of South Sudan to be able to lead people into the “Promised Land” as children of merciful God who accepted to die because of our wrong doings on earth,therefore,for children of God to be free because of his sacrificial blessings upon mankind on earth. 

Bishop Peter Marial Agok reminded faithful to continue believing in merciful Lord. “God our savior for us to receive endless blessing upon our country which was founded using God’s redemption and salvation of Godfor people of South Sudan to become independence upon which people of South Sudan, whom God personally loved and mentioned in the Bible vividly shall be free fromsuffering of bad leadership from Khartoum based regime during struggle for independence and for special love , the land of tall people with black skins and most feared people in the world, we became free finally”  said bishop peter Marial. 

 Bishop Peter Marial Agok of Especial Church of South Sudan called on believers to be peace lovers irrespective of political ideologies.”People subscribe to but in mind we have one country we all live in it and it must be peaceful and favorable for all citizens to live in peacefully”.

Main while pastor in charge Mary Alual Madol and leading pastor at Omega Church in Kampala,welcomed congregation and urged them to be like Jesus Christ who accepted to die for our sins on the cross. “As Christians, we must reunite and always sympathize as believers for our country to receive blessing and salvation of God during this holy week for our sins to be washed away and blessing of God shall be bestowed upon us in God name, Amen” she said

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