Faith – Based Organizations urged to reconcile communities

By: Elia Joseph Loful

The leadership of National Dialogue Steering Committee has called upon the Faith – Based Organizations to embark on reconciling various communities across the country, Bona Malual, the Rapporteur said.

“On a personal point of view, as an individual, I look forward to this conference of our spiritual leaders telling us how we are going about reconciliation among our communities. And we are urging you as spiritual leaders to reconcile people of South Sudan,’’ Malual said.

He was speaking at the opening of a two days conference for the Faith – Based Organization yesterday.

He said they hope the conference will be a key factor for reconciling the people of South Sudan.

“We are hopeful that the outcome of this conference is going to help us in reconciling communities around our country,’’ Malual said.

The Rapporteur asked the religious leaders on how the people in the country could be reconciled peacefully.

“How do we get our people reconciled? Is it first by making those who may be guilty for some of the things that have set our  country to where it is, or do our communities get together and say this is a legal process, let’s come back as a community to get on with our lives as a united people, he said.

Malual emphasized that without giving proper articulation to the process of reconciliation, it will be difficult to declare that South Sudan is free from conflict.

“Because clearly, without reconciliation being properly articulated and being properly defined, it will be difficult for us to say we have come to an end of the conflict in South Sudan.

The Co-chair Angelo Beda said the previous three regional conferences conducted earlier have enabled the people of South Sudan to express their views freely without fear.

“After getting all the views of the people, we called it “People have spoken” and people are still speaking. People of South Sudan know what they want, we think that what we the intellectuals know, they know best,” Beda said.

He said the leadership of the National Dialogue has compiled the report for the conferences waiting for National Dialogue conference comes next month.

“Now we have reached a stake after three conferences. We are compiling reports to go to national conferences,” he said.

He said the final document for the discussions will be submitted to the President for possible implementation.

So far the office of the National Dialogue has held three regional conferences including political leaders’ civil society, and religious bodies.

The Faith – Based Organizations conference under the theme: “Come, let’s dialogue, let’s heal our nation” was organized by the National Dialogue Steering Committee attended by 18 religious groups.

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