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Faith-based organization engages inmateson Bible studies


By Awas Lobono Dominic

Favor Africa International, a faith-based organization has trained more than fifty-five (55) inmates on Biblical studies at Kapoeta Central Prison in Eastern Equatoria Statelast week.

The Coordinator for the organization Richard Labor Nelsonsaid the two months’ Bible studies is aimed at giving counseling to the Inmates in order to transform them through God’s Word.

He said the rate of crimes committed in the communities could reduce if the citizens are taught to know the word of God through Biblical studies.

“It is actually very important,Favor Africa International has started with the community and as prisoners also they are part of our community although they are in prison, we should not isolate them, we need to bring service to them so that they also know God,” Mr. Nelson said.

The Director for Kapoeta Central Prison, Maj. Gen. Caesar Tombe Joseph said the training has been conducted at the Kapoeta prison for the second time.

He arguedthat youth commit crimes in the communities out of ignorance saying the skills got in Bible school will enable them to become better citizens after completing their prison terms.

“I appreciate what they are doing even I am eager to see that more of such things to be brought from other church organizations to the prison here so that these people can be catechists; so that they learn what is good and bad,” Maj. Gen. Tombe said.

Caesar stated thatinmates arecivilians and they deserve all forms of services accorded to the people in the community.

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