Facing Uganda’s Golola Moses flops

By lodu William Odiya

The South Sudan kick boxing coach said that the face to face kick boxing between the sixth selected kick boxers facing the Uganda’s champion Golola Moses flopped due to corona Virus.

Kickboxing, is a hybrid of boxing and martial arts and known as form of combat, but a simulated sport that incorporates kicking and punching along with selected core-strengthening exercises like crunches and side bends.

Kickboxing is a vigorous activity that requires focus, concentration and endurance. If you become a kickboxing instructor, you’ll help your students plan safe and productive routines, teach them the proper techniques to perform all the required exercises and movements, and offer advice and encouragement during their kickboxing workouts.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the kick boxing instructor said that the kick boxing competition between the Uganda’s Moses Golola Moses failed due to the COVID-19 lockdown about Corona virus.

“Now we are approaching Christmas, so kick boxing is not going to take place in Uganda, the kick boxers will go for a return competition between the Ugandan champion Golola and Majok of South Sudan on 26th of December but the confirmation we got is that by February 14th valentine day.”, he said.

He said that the team consisting of six south Sudanese were very organized and ready for the competition.

He urged the south Sudanese to live in peace and harmony throughout this festive season.

He revealed that his team is always ready for any completion whether in or outside the country.

Meanwhile Elia Ladu laso one of the kick boxers said that he was prepared and organized by doing regular practices and eating balance diet.

“I was very ready for the fight unfortunately, it failed for this time but any time I am ready for competitions” he said.

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