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Facelift for Custom Directorate in Kapoeta

By Kidega Livingstone 

Kapoeta State Customs division has received computers and a vehicle from the National Revenue Authority (NRA)

The support is aimed at boosting their moral and operation to effectively run its activities.

Speaking during the handover ceremony on Monday, the NRA Commissioner General Dr. Olympio Attipoe said the revenue collection body has a responsibility to provide adequate resources and infrastructure to the revenue collectors.

“For me, I cannot come from Juba to the field to collect the money and report. It is their duties so our responsibility is to make sure that the little we do is make sure that they have decent working condition which is part of the reform process,” Attipoe said.

“One of the things we also want is to promote and to enhance the working condition of our staff and for them to be able to perform they need basic facility to perform well.”

He said he visited the customs division in Kapoeta to witness how the division is working with the Department of Taxation because the two departments are critical for revenue generation.

Attipoe said the department was collaborating with the state governments in revenue generation because they need to share revenue resource and revenue jurisdictions between the national government and the States.

“As National Revenue Authority we are to supervise the state revenue generation systems and also to provide capacity building and to coordinate with them. We are working on the issue of transparency and accountability and all these is not about giving money to anybody, it is about telling the people that this is how much we have generated and this is how we are going to use it,” said Attipoe.

He said when there is transparency, people will know that the resources are not enough to provide the services they needed but if people are not aware on how much is generated, and they will raise questions.

Governor of Kapoeta State Louis Lobong Lojore appealed to Dr. Attipoe to train the custom officers deployed at the border points on how they can deal with foreign businessmen.

“I am one of the people who want to do things according to the law and in a right way. I don’t have any problem even if the National Revenue Authority collected all revenues as long as they are transparent and our share is brought back. But the fear is weather this thing will come back because some of the officers are not trained,” Lobong said.

Adding, “Even if they are not educated they should be trained to be good mannered. Being polite and diplomatic doesn’t need education; don’t change your eye to somebody who gives you money that shows that you are a bad person because many Kenyans and Ugandans will come through this point bringing for us businesses.”

National Revenue Authority was established in March 2018 to generate non-oil revenues in transparent manner.

The NRA has started integrating customs directorates and taxation directorates under its umbrella.

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