Ezo County launches new secondary school

By Baraka John

Authorities in Ezo County had launched a new secondary schoolto help childrenin the areahave access to secondary education.

Speaking to media yesterday, the Commissioner of Ezo County Abel Sudan said that the opening of secondary school was a great milestone towards the education of the community of Ezo County, citing the Secondary School would help both the Community in the area and the IDPs sheltering there.

“Ezo County has been lacking secondary Schools for over years forcing the community there to send their children to neighboring Counties to acquire their secondary education level,” Sudan said.

He added that he encouraged the community of Ezo to take education as first priority saying education was the key to success.  

Some community members expressed their delight for the new secondary school in the area.They mentioned that the opening of the school would reduce burden on their children who normally sought access to secondary education outside the County.

Mary Nagaibu, a mother to three kids, said that the learning institution has created an avenue for her three children to enrol and acquire their knowledge within the area. Sheadded that the access to secondary school close to their children reduced the burden of sendingthem to neighbouring Counties forstudies.

Meanwhile, Siani Martin, a Teacher in Ezo County equally encouraged Ezo County Community to use the new learning institute rightly for the betterment of their children.“I think the responsibility of this school rely solely in the hands of the community. So, they have to work hard to ensure the school remain functional,” Martin said.

However, County Education Director, James Kpatago, said he was ready to lobby for more professional teachers who could offer quality education for the community in the area. The education director donated two cartons of exercise books and other learning materials.

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