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Ezo authorities allocate plots to Tambura IDPs

By Baraka John 

Authorities in Ezo County has started allocating a land to the Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) who fled conflict in Tambura to the County. Authorities said the move aimed at reducing over dependency on humanitarian aids by the IDPs.

According to the head of the surveyors’ team Mr. Paul Ngaranyasi, demarcation work of the 35 by 30 meters plots was on the progress and he lauded the commissioner for his generosity.

The commissioner of Ezo County Abel Sudan said he wanted the IDPs to have productive life in Ezo during their stay as they waited for calm to return to their home.

“We need hard-working people who can keep Ezo county clean and this Land is for free to each and every one to avoid problems between IDPs and the host community.” Hon Abel further lamented.

Meanwhile Ezo Payam Chief Martin Yasona has welcomed the move by the commissioner to allocate plots for the IDPs. He said that it would enhance development and maintain the whole County to be clean and beautiful. 

 Mr. Michael Nzuwo, one of the IDPs appreciated the County Commissioner of Ezo for his great effort towards them. Nzuwo said that the plots would help them to avoid renting and other problems,adding that it would make some of the IDPs to remain as permanent residents of Ezo County.

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