Editorial 7th June 2018

With the expectation of face to face meeting between President Kiir and his former deputy, turned rebel, Dr. Machar in Khartoum in the pipeline, and with the resumption of oil production in Heglig announced, there are all possible indications that peace and the economy will be a possible jump-start in hope against hope. Because citizens have learned in the past the hard way accepting the reality. The meeting is a good move to resolve the main outstanding issues of the on-going conflicts. The two are the main key players and their meeting would make a positive change in the political scenario in the country. The hope against hope is because all the expectations from Addis Ababa have gone to notch. There must be hope for the majority citizens that their country will soon have peace. It is hoped that the impending Khartoum meeting will not be like the rest which have given hope but failed to live to the expectation. There must be something out there which can supplement efforts being put or applied at the grassroots by the domesticated National Dialogue process. The way forward for passing this test will be the result of one to one meeting and since President Kiir has indicated his willingness, Dr. Machar should equally come out and declare his stand for the sake of the entire people of South Sudan who have for decades longed for peace which keeps on eluding them. Even the warring parties have not obeyed the men of God who tried to lead the brokerage of peace in Ethiopia. What is worse still is the fact that some of the opposing parties keep coming up with conditions after conditions. IF they really cared for the well-being of the general public they would have taken every step possible to first restore peace then seek for positions. This could be the only possible solution.

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