Expressing Loud Prosperity

By: Wollimo Ramson Baja

Prosperity is the art of managing wealth. In Adam Smith’s way of critical thinking it is how wealth is generated. It is how development is created. Adam Smith was one of early capitalist thinkers whose later economic answers dominated the globe. It did not dominate the globe however because of Adam smith but rather because it is responsible for flourishing industrialization. Industrialization gave jobs and the opportunity for peasants to own land and gave them a class (The Middle Class) or the working class. It took generations to reach its peak depending on the nation’s way of seeing it and varying on how. In other words it gave politicians the key to introduce hope in the way they like it.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said: We shape (design and build) buildings and they shape us. In other words we build our nations and they are responsible on shaping our views in art and culture, civilization, sports, politics, poetry, architect and science etc… (What makes the peoples busy and useful)?

In the few coming days South Sudan capital Juba will host negotiating teams from the Sudanese government and various armed opposition and non-armed opposition most notably SPLM-N of Malik Agar and Yassir Arman, SPLM-N of general Abdul Aziz el Hilu, GEM of the famed Khalil Ibrahim who’s long arm operation brought his movement to international recognition and then the current leader his brother Gibril Ibrahim, SLM-A of Minni Arko Minawi. The missing one is Abul wahid al Nur of SLM/A one of the founders of the struggle of the Darfur people in 2002-2003.

They will be negotiating on how to answer the prosperity question for all the people of the Sudan.

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