The announcement that some 30 foreigners would be deported within a given period is both bad and good news. Reasons given for their deportation were valid because they touched on several rights violations. That the management of the Insight Security Company failed to pay their workers according to their initial agreement was an affront to the rule of law. Authorities concerned indicated that their efforts to sort out concerns of Insight Security Company’s employees fell on deaf ears. They said on a number of occasions, negotiations flopped and so they were left with no option but to take drastic measures. These measures include compelling the company management to clear all outstanding debts owed to the government and the employees. Despite resolution mechanisms should be explored before any contentious matter is taken before courts of law. Unfortunately parties involved in this dispute seemed to have explored the available options and therefore the aggrieved party opted to take drastic measures of deporting the alleged violators of the law. It is unfair to discriminate against anyone on grounds of his or her nationality and so justice and human rights must be upheld at all times. Employees of any firm have a right to fair treatment. On the flipside, deportation is considered one of the last resorts in any bilateral trade ties. It does not only send a wrong signal to observers but also amplifies a fact that parties to the dispute have failed to amicably find a favourable solution to their dispute. It should be understood that these nationalities being deported have their countries of origins and these countries have bilateral ties with their host country. Is it possible that the scope for finding a solution to any problems involving individual citizens can be extended to their nationalities bilateral relations? Deportation simply sows negative seeds of discord and strains relations between concerned countries. We should also guard against any foul language that might heighten the dispute and result in cynophobia actions like the ones witnessed in South Africa sometimes back.

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