Editorial 20th June 2018

As expectations are high with all ears and eyes towards Addis Ababa on the face to face meeting of President Kiir and Dr. Machar, at home, the National Revenue Authority is planning the recruitment of over 600 personnel to improve in the collection of taxes, particularly, those from none oil revenue sector. Their hope and many in the country are geared towards the restoration of peace which would enable all key players in the economic revenue generation play their roles in a free and fair environment. The Addis Ababa meeting is important because it would give the light and the direction the country will take or move to for the benefit of all inclusive. There is urgent and immediate need to have the none oil sector. The main area to harmonize is the agricultural sector which could turn the country into self- sufficiency in food production and permanent granary in the region. The vast fertile land speaks for itself and the need to utilize it appropriately. The only set back is the absent of peace in many parts of the country. Experts have come out with research and findings which could attest to this possibilities, the only hindrance is the continued conflict in the country which has driven away hope from many citizens. This driven away hope must be restored through trust and honesty from the warring parties and must be driven home in the open and above the table without iota of doubt. It will bring back conducive atmosphere to the new and old runaway investors, which in turn would enable the revenue authority to collect more revenues for the projected public service delivery to almost all parts of the country if not all at once. The current stalemate or differences would not take anyone far but instead would continue to add more sufferings to the already affected population. Let peace lead the way.

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