Exhibition of local products begins in Juba

Over 60 businesses showcased more than 100 products, at the opening of the ‘Made in South Sudan Exhibition’ on Tuesday, where local produce were displayed in a trade fair.

The Made in South Sudan Exhibition organized by Ministry of Trade and Industry with support from the private sector and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) aims at promoting and exposing local products.

The event is also aimed at encouraging domestic and foreign businesses to showcase their products. The products being displayed include agricultural products, furniture, soap, drugs candles, organic honey, banks, and telephone companies among others.

UNDP Country Director, KK Kamaluddeen said the products being exhibited tells everybody that the country is a land of opportunities and there are hardworking people trying to make it possible.

“It is so important that we recognize the importance of the energies and interest of hard working men and women in the country,” he said. “This is the story of South Sudan we have been waiting for, the story of people that are trying creative energies and talents to produce for their survival.”

Kamaluddeen said the exhibition is a story of what is possible for the development of the country when there is peace.

The UNDP director said the dependence on oil is not sustainable. “What will work and what is sustainable is what we are able to produce,” he said. He added that UNDP and its partners are looking for the future and the sustainability of the economy in the country.

He said the exhibition should not only end at the planned time, but the items should remain in shops and markets for sale. He urged the youth to use their energy to work hard to produce locally for the domestic market which is ready to buy their products.

“Don’t let your ideas die, you have many of them,” he said.

Kamaluddeen said that through exploration of ideas, the youth could produce for the growth of the economy and the development of the country.

Dr. Moses Hassan Tiel, Minister of Trade and Industry said the exhibition provided is for manufacturers to interact with suppliers, consumers, and business people in order to compete for the consumers, who in turn get lower prices goods.

The minister said most of the products of the country were smuggled illegally to international market because there is no value addition locally.

“The country should now process its local products so as to earn revenue from their sales to the international markets,” he said.

He called on all the government institutions, local and partners to support the private sector in producing local products for the consumption of people. “By developing the industrial sector we will be able to eradicate poverty,” he said. “By giving support to the private sector we will be able to raise the living standard of our people.”

Dr. Anne Itto, the Presidential Advisor on Food Security and Agriculture said each step taken by the private sector will lead the country to a developed economy.

She pledged the government’s support to improve trade and the commercial environment in the country.

By Jale Richard

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