Executive Chief killed in Eastern Lakes State

By Mabor Riak Magok

The Government of Eastern Lakes State and civil society organization network (CISON) has strongly condemned the killing of Executive Chief, Kuer Dhuor Kuer in Pagarau

In an Interview with Juba Monitor, the Commissioner of Police in Eastern Lakes State, Major General, Deng Malual Mabur, said the executive Chief, Kuer Dhuor was killed in his residential area in Pagarau County while attending a marriage ceremony.

The incident occurred on Monday night at around 9:30 pm in Pagarau, according to the State Police Commissioner.

“It is really very unfortunate and we condemn the group of armed youth who killed the executive Chief innocently while seated on a chair,” said Mabur.

“They came as a group during the marriage ceremony, and unfortunately one of them just came behind Kuer Dhuor Kuer and shot him with two bullets on his back intentionally,” he added.

Mabur said government officials of Eastern Lakes State including the Governor, Bor Philip Wutchok, and organized forces are now in Nyang County headquarters to curb the security situation between Kuacthi and Kuacdit rival sections.

“Our worry as the government is that the entire Kuacdit section has fled Nyang town for safety after the incident of the killing of the executive Chief by the armed group, and it is only Kuacthi section where the late Chief belong remaining in Nyang Town,” said the Mabur.

He appealed to both sides of the communities to remain calm and allow the state government to address the matter since the person who killed the chief is known.

Isaac Majier Majok, the Chairperson of Civil society Organization Network (CISON) also strongly condemned the killing.

“As the head of civil society organization, we condemn in the strongest term possible the killing of Sultan Kuer Dhuor Kuer and we are calling upon the government of Eastern Lakes State and the community to apprehend the culprit immediately without delay,” said Majok.

Mr. Majok appealed to the family of the victim and all the mourners to allow the government do its work by apprehending the suspect and ensuring justice in the community instead of taking revenge which would affect the entire Kuac community and greater Yirol.

He said this culture of revenge killing must not be condoned.

“We are so much worried about the escalation and the wide spread of this culture of killing of chiefs,” he said. “This need serious attention so that the perpetrators of such acts are held accountable and punished for their actions,” said the activist.







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