EXAMS-Over 30,000 students to sit senior four

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Awut Deng
Education Minister

At least 34,536 senior four students are expected to sit for their final examination countrywide this month.

The Minister of General Education and Instructions, Awut Deng Acuil said all preparations had been done in the Ten State headquarters and the three Administrative Areas.

Acuil confirmed yesterday during her first visit to Juba Monitor Newspaper office where she was met and welcomed by the Editor In Chief Ms. Anna Nimiriano and the Managing Editor Odongo Odoyo among the editorial team.

Her mission to the newspaper was to familiarize and aquint herself with the work of journalists and their daily routine and among others to partly discuss the solidarity of women in the country at this time before the International Women’s Day which would take place on Monday.

“The preparation is going on well, on 22nd of this month, the senior four students will start their exams,” she said.

“On Monday 08th March, 2021, we are expecting the arrival of examination materials at Juba International Airportand 15th of this month, they will be distributed to all the Ten (10) State headquarters plus three Administrative Areas,” Minister Acuil disclosed.

According to her the senior four examinations will take only ten days to complete.

She further revealed that, all the 307 registered centres countrywide will sit for their final examinations.

Meanwhile Simon Nyok Deng the Secretary for Examination in the Ministry of General Education said 34,536 candidates from 307 centres including two specialized schools of commercial and Technical schools will sit for the exams.

“We have 34,536 who will be sitting in the 307 centres across the country including the two specialized schools; commercial and Technical schools and 305 is general academic,” he said.

“Among these numbers, we have 11,716 female candidates and 22,820 male candidates who will be sitting for this year’s final examinations,” Mr. Nyok added.

According the Mr. Nyok the secretary for exams, the exams will last for ten working days (two weeks) saying that it will start on 22nd of March and will end on the 2nd of April 2021.

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