Exams for candidates left out kickoff today

By Wek AtakKacjang

The Minster of General Education and Instruction confirmed the kickoff of the examinationsfor the candidates who were left out last week due to security situation in various states.

Addressing the Press over the weekend, the Minster of General Education and Instruction Awut Deng Acuil said “we are announcing the new dates as I promised on the first day because these exams are safe and securedall over the country.”

“We have personnel in-charge of examinations and for those who says examinations were leaked, it’s not true. All of us are observing whether this paper came out before exams, there are other people who put paper even some which have been filled alreadyand they are saying this is leaked exams, which is not true,”Awut said.

She added that when they came across that an examinations have been leaked, the Ministry immediately cancelled that exams which has never happened.

She revealed that the final goal of examination is to get a right assignment because getting fake document cannot help a child to succeed his/her career.

“As I speak to you today the examinations for miss out students have been transported to various locations. The examinations will start today (Monday) 15th and finished on 19th February,”Awut added.

Earlier this month, over 900 candidates miss examinations due to security situation in various locations. Last week, the Teacher’s Union in Lakes State said they need changes in the office of national examinations asa matter of fact to stop leaking out of national examinationsas reported that PLE examinations have been leaked across the country, because the quality education cannot be attained when examinations are being leaked.

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