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With Odongo Odoyo

For some time now l had not heard from my friend Musa Muhgad Ateib, and his memories were almost fading off my mind. My phone rang and I guessed what; it was Musa on the line with a different number from the previous one which l had saved. His first reaction when he heard my voice was like Yaba long time my friend.  I was amazed and just listened to him pour all from his heart explaining why he had gone silent and why he thought it wise to call me at this juncture. We exchanged a number of issues then he hit the point of his calling. He had left his previous job and was now working with another organization. I congratulated him for that then he told me to check my mail he had sent something which he thought would be good for consumption by the general public. I promised to call him back immediately l had gone through the mail. And indeed this is part of the message he sent with an attachment.

Dear Odongo,

Good afternoon.

It is widely known as Africa’s largest refugee crisis; some 2.3 million South Sudanese have fled and sought refuge in neighboring countries. However, not many people know of the country’s hospitality and its ability to also host and keep safe refugees from other countries.

The story home away from home: Finding refugee where others have fled brings to fore how South Sudan is hosting 300,000 refugees from Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic and Ethiopia.” After reading the above and the attachment, l started pondering over so many things this was a finding by an international institution and the figures could be higher than the one given because of so many issues the neighbouring refugees are still crossing the border into the country. I thought that with peace at hand there would be more influx of refugees who are aware of the potential in the country and who would want to enjoy the hard won peace with the citizens. People have been talking only about crisis in this country without giving another thought that some countries were even in a worse situation. It is always not good to point a finger at someone before examining yourself. Right now the truth is that everyone is working towards peaceful co-existence and conducive environment. I am and will always remain an advocate of and for peace forever because l do know and understand the importance of peaceful atmosphere in a society. Those who have been talking ills about this country’s refugees in their back-yard should take the queue because the figures released by the World Food Pragramm (WFP) speaks volume and indicate the hospitality the country has provided so far to those who crossed the border to seek refuge after their own countries became unbearable to their lives.


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