Examination Period Inspiration part 2

By: Akol Arop Akol

For the contribution to education, I would also like to appreciate the UNMISS for the great role played in making sure peace is promoted among communities. It has also carried out national campaigns such as ‘back to school’ or ‘back to learning’ campaigns to call on the parents and communities to allow their children to go to school instead of giving them hard work at home.

All these good duties done are reflected in mandate of UNMISS that includes support for peace consolidation and thereby fostering long-term State-building and economic development. UNMISS is also supporting the government of the Republic of South Sudan in exercising its responsibilities for conflict prevention, mitigation and resolution and protect civilians.

That’s why UNMISS is taking care of the displaced civilians and accommodating them in the PoCs across the country. If it was not this international Organization where would the homeless people be today?  Their properties were either destroyed or looted and they have no capacity to restart their lives and resettle in their residences. 

UNMISS has stood in solidarity with vulnerable people since the beginning of conflict. It is much concerned with the lives of women, children, youth and elderly by accommodating, feeding, treating and providing them with medical care freely. 

The humanitarian workers therefore need much recognition. This Organ of the United Nations has taken a serious selfless role in carrying out peace and educational campaigns to highlight the importance of education for the nation.

As UNMISS is carrying out its role, the President of South Sudan during a launching campaign early February 2019 said the government and the people should double their efforts to make illiteracy history.

That campaign aimed at giving a chance for the many children who have been displaced from their homes and dropped out of schools to go back to school and learn.

UNMISS with other agencies of United Nations such as UNICEF issued a press release stating that those sheltering in camps for internally displaced people or in host communities where no education services are available, UNICEF and partners will provide a Comprehensive package of education support for children aged 3 to 18 years of age.  Indeed this mission statement is implemented that’s why we are seeing development in the school in many schools especially the primary schools.

Not that alone,  UNMISS launched a center called Juvenile Reformatory Center in collaboration with National Prison Services of South Sudan which was implemented by National NGO called Charity Aid for Development and Emergency through UNMISS Quick Impact projects program and later International Committee for Red Cross provided more funding and support to complete the project.

The role of Juvenile Reformatory Center JRC is to allow the children in conflict with a law to be safely and securely housed, separated from adult offenders, in compliance with international best practices and South Sudan own legal framework.

 The JRC also serves as a center where children in conflict with law can receive formal education, vocational training, rehabilitation and services and psycho-social support to prepare them for reintegration into the society as productive citizens. 

That’s a huge support. UNMISS, has done a lot to provide education for children, though I have not mentioned all contributions and achievements for the society, am just here to acknowledge and thank the UNMISS for the love for humanity and especially the people of South Sudan.

UNMISS have provided learning within the PoCs which have helped children who lost their parents and responsible relatives during the conflict,  some are not able to have daily food and medical checkups and treatment using their pocket money but they are being supported.

During Examination period UNMISS hires public Bongo Buses to carry candidates from the compound to the examination centers and back.

The idea for writing this long articles under the same title “examination period inspiration” is to encourage the students, acknowledge and appreciate the civil servants making education effective such as teachers, the education supporters or donors and our government for the hard work to make education of our children go on even during hard times of conflict and economic crisis.

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