Exam council extends secondary certificate time frame

Simon Nyok Deng, (SG) National Examination Council

By Bida Elly David

The National Examination Council yesterday amended the Secondary Certificate of education’s timetable from its initial date extending it to 20th –April-2022 moving the first two days of examination to the last days of the timetable.

Last month, the Ministry of General Education and Instructionsinitially announced the examination commencement date scheduling it for 18th –April-2022 but some public schools raised concerns demanding an extension of the examination time frame due to limitations of curriculum coverage.

In a press statement seen by Juba Monitor yesterday, Simon Nyok Deng the secretary-general of the national examination Council said that the extension for the Secondary Certificate of Education was due to circumstances beyond their control.

‘’Reference to earlier communication made by the South Sudan National Examination Council on the release of the Examination timetable for the conduct of the 2021 Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE) examination, the Council wishes to inform our esteemed candidates and the general public that, the 2021 CSE examination time table has been amended by moving the first two days of examination to the last days’’ He said.

Furthermore, the statement stated that the subjects that were originally slated for Monday 18th –April-2022 have been rescheduled due to circumstances beyond their control.

‘’The subjects previously slated to be done on Monday 18th –April-2022 and Tuesday 19th –April-2022 have been re-scheduled to be written on Thursday 28th –April-2022 to Friday 29th –April-2022 respectively. With the slight changes in the examination timetable, the 2021 CSE Examinations, therefore, commences officially on Wednesday 20th –April-2022 with the subject shown on the revised timetable. That was Commerce and Chemistry in the morning and English and Literature, Cost, Taxation and technology (Auto Mechanic, Electricity, Building, and Carpentry) in the afternoon’’ He added

However, Simon stated that the rest of the examination subject papers would be administered as they were originally scheduled and all papers would end nationwide on the 29th –Of April-2022.

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