EVICTION-Planned for former post-holders

By James Atem Kuir

The Council of Ministers has resolved to evict former officials who are still lodging in government houses,to gives pace to homeless cabinet ministers, Dr Martin Elia Lomuro the Minister of Cabinet Affairs revealed yesterday.

Dr Lomuro who spoke to the media after the Council of Ministers meeting chaired by President Salva Kiir Mayardit said it had been noted that former ministers, advisors, military and police officers among others, continued to stay in government houses despite having lost their jobs long time ago.

He said that about six government houses were being occupied by former officials, leaving several cabinet ministers in‘chronic shortage of accommodation’.

“ The ministers of the Revitalized government of National Unity (R-TGoNU) are suffering from chronic shortage of accommodation … we were able to identify about six houses that should be available to ministers but unfortunately, some of them are being occupied by former advisors, former ministers, military officers, police officers and even staff from various institutions from the states,” he said.

“The Council of Ministers had a full briefing of the houses available, the type of the houses available, who is occupying them and the decision has now been made that the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, myself is to form a committee that will scrutinize,in details the type of house, the person living in there and what their job description is,and finally present a report to the council of ministers. The intention is to make sure that anybody who is not in the executive, anybody who is not a constitutional post-holder stays for three months,and at the end evacuate the houses,” he said.

Following the signing of the peace agreement in 2018, government and opposition officials who are part of the unity government have been accommodated in hotels and apartments in Juba but owners of the hotels have on several occasions threatened to throw out their residents over accumulated unpaid bills.

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