The planned eviction of former constitutional post holders which was resolved by council of ministers last week should take into consideration the fact that those living in these houses or homes gave their services to the public and the country and should be done humanly without subjecting them to harassment or agony of any kind. Some of them are old and may not have somewhere to go. It should be properly taken and understood that some of these people need to have alternative shelters for themselves and their families. It is true that some of them have turned these homes or houses into their permanent residential. Could it be that they do not have where to go or just want to live in government property? Those charged with carrying out the exercise should look into each case on its own merit and do justice to the planned exercise. The new ministers indeed need to be housed to enable them discharge their duties properly. They need accommodation. The question which should be asked and answered is whether the targeted houses would be sufficient or enough for the ministers who have no houses. The national members of parliament who will be operating in Juba are equally in shortage of accommodation. The unity government should come up with alternative plan or arrangements to secure house for rents not hotel accommodations which would be met by the legislators themselves through arranged salaries deduction. A long term plan for housing should be considered and put in place to avoid any eventuality that could cause discomfort in future. Shelter is one of the basic requirement in life where each and every one should not be denied. These are some of the development which should have taken off the ground if conflict did not stagnate the start-off.

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