Everything takes time and patience

By Ngor Khot Garang

In my life as a young man, I had a lot of dreams and goals to accomplish. I want to complete my studies, get a good paying job, a roof over head, and of course a family but sometimes and like any other person, I feel challenged when I bring the thought of the poverty we are mired in, into my mind. For someone who grew up in a war torn country, having these dreams could be very daunting. The political situation in the country cannot allow this and on the other hand, time as it happens not to be our best ally is slipping out through the fingers and am deeply worried about my future. It seems like everything is not right and nothing will ever change for the better. 

But somehow, I realized that there is still a light at the end of a very long dark tunnel. Even if I were 40 or 50, there is still no point in losing hope because things change with time. We may not believe this but let me relate it with the current leaders as a point of reference.  When they were in the bush fighting for the liberation of South Sudan, they were not sure whether they would make it but they were determined to end the suffering of South Sudanese even if it means losing their lives. There were no signs of success but they kept fighting until they brought what is now South Sudan though people are still suffering today. How did they know they would succeed? It was that simple belief that every situation has an expiry date. Every situation changes and that is life.

When life has been unfair and cruel to you, when everything seemed lost don’t think your story will forever remain like that. The difficulties you are going through today will not be there tomorrow as I mentioned in the second paragraph. The leaders who fought during the liberation struggle never knew that their struggle was going to give birth to what is now South Sudan.  This emphasis should give hope and motivation to anyone who is going through some tough times in life that every condition changes. Even when it has been one struggle after the other we still has to keep the candle of hope burning. We may never know what line behind every difficult situation but through the experiences and stories of people who had lived before us who unbelievably rose from nothing to world’s greatest figures. It tells us that every problem has two sides like a coin, negative and the positive.  So when it is very hard with you it means the other side will soon turn for your own good.

We have to be assured that every human problem holds possibilities for those who are willing to look for them. There is no life that is problem-free and if you are spending your life thinking of a problem free life that would be illusion and undoubtedly an elusive fantasy. No one has the right to stop it from happening.  Difficulties are part of human progress.  It has happened to million of people. Many have lost their loved ones. Some have witnessed the unstoppable collapse of their businesses, thousands have had nothing to eat and others have had unsuccessful marriages that robbed them of their happiness. And almost half of humanity is suffering from one tragedy or the other and many have given up and others are still trudging through, so if you are one of the standing few you are soon going to witness your breakthrough.

Your current life situation is just a temporary phase in your life.  Although it might not be the shiniest right now, it is still possible to change it. I believe we sometimes get depressed and worried about the future when we force ourselves into believing that whatever our life is like right now, it might be like this for the rest of our life. But this is not true.  It is undeniable that life will get you down to your knees, stranggle you and leave you half dead.  When you are at this point in life, I cannot assure you but I believe something good is about to happen. The reason why you still exist itself is a great testimony and something of which you should be grateful.  Many are buried deep in the earth, others are in their sick beds in the hospital and many others are in prison. But you are still alive and healthy. What problem is there to hold you back?  I want you to know exist no matter what happens?  Why can’t you celebrate your life?  Why can’t you cherish those hard moments? You have to appreciate every obstacle, problem and challenge because without them you will never know where your strength lies.

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