Everything has its time

By Akol Arop Akol

There is nothing we are waiting for to move on with the new light of hope, time has come for us to see something new for our lives not every time to talk about the past which cannot be changed.

Our country will be better when we have positive minds to understand that human beings were created with problems and once more create more for themselves.

Our confusions that we it cannot be brought back and corrected. Once we accepted that we were wrong in one way or another it will enable us to reconcile and forgive one another.

It is true that many of us have gone through difficult times yet they are innocent. The reason why politicians continue to choose war over peaceful solution is because the war tend to fulfill their personal interests or gains as they don’t care about the consequences as well as the victims.

Why is it that the rights of the local population is being ignored and they are subjected to long suffering? People can remain people even without leaders but there are no leaders without people.

It means when a leader is appointed or elected by the people he or she is then for the people. These people include men, women and children. They all need to be represented. But the problem comes when some leaders think choosing them was our weakness.

They feel like superiors, intelligent and more important than us.

If not, there is no reason someone we trust today and allow him or her to take responsibility goes and sit in the offices with crossed legs forgetting the people who are to be taken care of. It might be that they lack patriotism and love for mankind. We cannot go to offices and fail to run administrate affairs.

We have to choose people who would take care and work for betterment.

We don’t need those who are greedy to loot the public resources which are supposed to be shared by us equally as citizens.

There are many people still living a hard life and they don’t have anywhere to turn to, they have right to survive on their land.

Those we see like failure in life, wandering on the streets and dropping out of the school are the real owners of this wonderful country.

Let the big minded and hearted people like lions know that time will come when the eyes and ears of our people will open to stand and speak for their rights as citizens.

Let them loot, corrupt and mistreat their people but the God who gave this land will let the blind see, deaf will hear, lame will walk and every valley shall be made smooth for people to walk towards the light of truth and righteousness. Time will come when they, who put our lives in hardship will confess and repent from their acts of injustices.

Nothing remains the same and that is why we should not ever lose hope or regret for being on this land. Let us be patient and wait for our creator to show us the way and bless us with everything that we need.

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