Everyone has big dreams

By Akol Arop Akol

Dreams are with every human being both young and old. No one wakes up or goes to bed without thinking about his or her life. They dream of becoming better somebody, getting well-paying jobs and travelling to places they admire.

All of us want to be people who are not now, that’s to do with our personalities and life standards. The one who is broke thinks of being a great Tycoon, the one local now works hard to be famous and popular.

As we interact with people of different backgrounds we go into conflicts with them because we are not of the same status, some are responsible leaders and others niggas, some are politicians and others are normal civilians. And so, we compare our lives and wish to become more than our fellows. We start thinking of becoming more smarter, educated and rich, perhaps touring around the World for leisure. What we need to achieve in the future becomes a dream.

However, there are dreams which don’t come true due to hopelessness as a result of discouragement, life obstacles or when many trials are made but none is successful. Unpredictable situations may come to affect the dreamer and cut dreams short.

The one who has no legs wishes he get some, the one so has legs but footing on streets prays to get bus fares to be lifted. And the one who can afford to pay for transport needs a bicycle, the rider needs a car, the Driver needs a plane and it goes on. Those are big dreams, if one is alive, dreams must be there to be followed.

The only challenge is that everyone is dreaming but not achieving. Everyone wants to better tomorrow either by making a lot of money, buying expensive accessories or assets, travelling to beautiful places, meeting new friends for benefits such that to be totally happy in life yet at the end, the one who gets money or desired materials doesn’t even get settled in life. When there is more money, there are more problems.

In order to get what we want, the first ticket to take us to the destination of our burning desirable dreams is hope in everything we do. Be it business, leadership or education, hard work is the key to opening the success doors. And hope becomes the spare or master key. A person moving without hopes cannot ever withstand the ups and downs.

Many youths in this country are talented and ambitious that if they were to be given full attention and education afforded financially, they will be able to follow their dreams.

When we think about the failure of the fulfilment of dreams, we can realize that there are poor dreams that are achieved after having done the small one. In simple words, If a need a car and I have some money I would buy a motorcycle and use it for bodaboda and after saving money for a year, I may buy a car. Big dreams start from small doable goals to a bigger ones.  

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