Everyone has a purpose

By Ngor Khot Garang

Many people have so many wounds and scars in their hearts because they feel their births were by accident. They contemplate and curse God because of the hardships they are passing through in all spheres of life.

For instance, you might have been born by parents who abused alcohol. You might have been born and dumped by the roadside by your young mother because she felt you might be a burden to her or else she had barely anything to feed you.

These things cause varying levels of emotional trauma. You may reach tothe point of asking yourself  “Why did I have to come from this poor family?  Why didn’t God love me enough to bless me with good parents? Parents who would be willing to finance my education until I complete my studies, parents who would love me for being their child and provide all my needs until I become mature enough to start my own life.

Sometimes, you are not born to the right families. You have to know that you are not a parental accident.Your birth was not happenstance, and preplanned, well strategic and calculated. God knows you from head to toe and He is not pleased with the life you are living. He wants you to start a life that was meant for you.

No matter how rough the terrain, you are not your circumstances; you are positioned for a course. Every situation you are in was designed and calculated even before your creation and you were made to break those chains. You are not less than a person because of every hardship you find
yourself in, you are the antidote for it. When you find yourself in impoverished family, it was God who made it for you to restore that family. When you are told that you were  raised by somebody who was not your biological parent, you would strive to do all you could so that your children live a life different from yours.

Everything happens for a reason. When you find yourself on this earth, make sure you are for something greater than what you think.  There are billions of men and women who are not created because they are not as lucky as you do. It doesn’t matter where you come from, your purpose
is to give something to the world, to contribute all that you brought with you. Do not think you are nobody. Nobody is someone who is not created.The oxygen you breathein is to help you get closer to your destiny. And you are not going to be charged for it.

Your world must be fulfilled for the world is not an easy place. It is a difficult place to come to but you can turn the other side of the coin. It is a place that needs your contribution. Although you might have faced some tough situations, your birth was not a mistake. Your life is a blessing to your family and the whole world. Go to bed tonight and ask yourself why you are here, why you are in that family and what you can
do to transform that family. I may rest my pen here.

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