EU hands over an extension guide to government

By Yiep Joseph

The European Union handed over a Crops and Livestock Extension Guide to the government of the country as a move to increase production.

Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security received the booklet together with the ministry of Livestock and Fisheries.

In his opening remarks during the handover ceremony yesterday, Christian Bader Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of South Sudan revealed that the extension guide would help the key Ministries to deliver on their mandate.

“The crop and livestock extension guide that we are handing over today is to enhance the capacity of the key line Ministries, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security and Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries and aiding them to deliver on their mandate” Bader said.

He revealed that the future of South Sudan must rely on crop and livestock production in order for citizens to benefit.

“My believe is that oil is not the future of this country the future of this country is the people, land and the water. If water is a curse today tomorrow it will be a blessing, so Crop production and Livestock production will be the future of the country” he said.

“If we are able to improve crop production and food security, if we are able to have proper infrastructure then food will be available for the people” he added.

He mentioned that conflict in some areas has interrupted crop and livestock production.

“Only state that was able to produce enough for its population and was Western Equatoria not anymore because of conflict” he mentioned.

“The ongoing conflicts are preventing the development of this huge potential of Agriculture in South Sudan” he added.

Bader stated that must of the efforts has been inserted in the conflict management related activities in the country compare to the Agricultural programs.  

“All the partners made integrated support for conflict resolution mechanism” he said.

He added that the guide would help other partners in the country.

“It is our role that this extension guide will go a long way to support other development partners and farmers in the country” he said.

He encouraged the two ministries to use the guide to transform crops and livestock production in the country.

“Make use of this guide to increase the agriculture production and livestock production of the country” he urged.  

Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Onyoti Adigo Nyikwach appreciated the European Union for the support citing that the guide would help the two ministries

“This guide will enable the producers to take action, improves production and protect the environment” Onyoti said.

“Iam informed that the guide contains technical and functional information pertaining to animal health, animal nutrition breeding extension, husbandry, marketing and all aspect of livestock development and this give me confident that the livestock extension guide will be helpful not only for public sector extension agent but also to the great actors delivering extension and advisory services to the livestock farmers and fisheries” he explained.

“Within the frame work of the peace agreement our Ministries that is the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security and Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries are challenged to undertake reforms and deliver results to the people of South Sudan” he expressed.

He mentioned that South Sudan has potentials to feed itself.

“South Sudan has numerous potential not only to feed itself and eliminate hunger and food insecurity but also to be a major player in regional food matters” he said.

He called on the farmers to commercialized cattle keeping rather than prestige. 

This guide would enable the producers to take action, improves production and protect the environment

Josephine Lagu, Minister of Agriculture and Food Security appreciated the support from the European Union.

She revealed that the guide would be use to improve the crop production in the various states.

She called on the Partners to help and translate the guide citing that 80% of the population do not know how to read and write

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