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Ethiopians and Eritrean communities need solution

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Protesters from Ethiopian and Eritrean communities need solutions from African leaders. Yesterday report published in the newspaper said that the communities of Ethiopian and Eritrean in Juba on Saturday protested against Western Media over fake news and denounced the United States meddling in Addis Ababa internal Affairs.

The protesters were against Western countries interference in African affairs which they don’t entertain. They further said Africans can solve their problems in African countries. However, the first complaint was about fake information reported on the conflict in Ethiopia by the western media. It was not the first time Juba Monitor came across such a complaint. There was a time, a diploma from Ethiopian complained to Juba Monitor, who said that western media was exaggerating Ethiopian conflict that is why there was no peace in the country.

They were reporting fake information to people in the world, which was not a professional way of reporting. Journalists in western countries were not using ethnic journalism in reporting Ethiopian conflict. As a result, some media houses took wrong information and report it to their countries.

 They should keep a code of conduct and remain neutral in reporting conflict events.

For the reason that all information reported in media remains documents in the country and media houses.

As an effect, they said their problems cannot be solved by the western countries in which their media gave fake information to the public in the world. It was bad information in the world to call media houses fake.

 That means media can solve problems or make the worst in the country.

We need to learn from the mistake of other countries, not to write fake stories that cause problems in the world. Most of the African countries have war need to be handled in a good manner. Ethiopia is one of the African countries that supported many countries in peace talks. Those countries in African are supposed to stand with the Ethiopian government in order to stop the conflict.

It is unfortunate to see the Ethiopian conflict took a long time without any solution. Several of them were refugees in South Sudan and other African countries. 

However, media should not be biased in reporting any information that adds more problems in the country. We need to stick to our ethic of journalism in daily reporting.

May God bless us all.

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