Ethiopia to import oil products from S. Sudan

By Mandela Nelson Denis
Ethiopia will start importing oil and gas products from South Sudan as soon as the negotiation is complete between the two countries.
The Ethiopian Minister of Mines and Petroleum Dr. Koang Tutlam revealed that Ethiopia planned to establish Oil refinery in the country after negotiation with the government.
“It would be very cheaper for us when we start buying the products from South Sudan,” Dr. Koang revealed to Journalists during the oil and gas conference in Juba.
According to Koang, Ethiopia spends millions of US dollars for importing oil products from far and long distance countries.
Dr. Koang noted that Ethiopian government has shown the impression on the oil and gas conference taking place in Juba that would open business between the two countries.
He also admitted that such conference would attract many investors to invest in the oil sector in South Sudan.
“The South Sudan Oil and Power is very impressive, it is a conference that can be developed to bring the entire region to attend, I am so impressed and very sure that in the future so many countries across the world will attend,” Dr. Koang said.
Ethiopia and South Sudan share a border point at Gambella which is near with a few kilometers from oil fields and Ethiopia is also one of the countries that took part in the 3rd edition of South Sudan’s Oil and Power conference.
However, during a discussion on the last day of the event, the Minister of Petroleum Awow Daniel Chuang said that the conference gave room for ideas to be shared on how to move the oil and gas sector into business.
“I have been sited and monitoring the reaction during the discussion, a lot of issues have been discussed. Issues of the local content in the industry are going to be improved. We are also going to look into issues of employing the young people,” said Awow.
The oil and power conference is an annual event organized by Africa Oil and Power and sponsored by oil and energy companies, the event was attended by representatives from Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Norway and United States of America.

Invest in S. Sudan, Africa Oil and Power

Investors have been urged by Guillaume Doane, the Chief Executive Officer of Africa and Oil to invest in the country.
In his address, Guillaume told investors to check in their wallets and invest in the education, health, road and oil industry and other sectors.
Guillaume said that each time he comes to South Sudan, he is happy to see progress in as far as development and investment is concerned in the country.
“Vote with your wallets and invest in the exploration of oil in bridges, invest in the people because South Sudan has talented persons in the oil and gas sector,” said Guillaume.
Guillaume further explained that Africa Oil and Power reinstates its commitment to supporting the country and its people.
“We believe that investment is the key pillar to peace and here the country has demonstrated that stability goes together with economic prosperity,” Guillaume said.
Guillaume revealed that everyday there is new change, new development and new investment in South Sudan, a clear indication for investors to invest in.
According to Guillaume, South Sudan has some of the greatest natural resources in Africa and the world.

Women urged to join Oil and Gas sector

Women across the country have been encouraged to join the oil and gas sector.
Speaking exclusively to Juba Monitor, the Executive Chairman of African Energy N J Ayuk said women should take up the roles in the industry.
Ayuk said any jobs that men are doing in the sector can be done by the women such as engineering, managerial roles, finance and law.
“I would like to see more women join the oil and gas sector, you should not leave it only to the men, you also have bills to pay, I believe that whatever the men are doing now in the sector can be done by the women,” said Ayuk.
Ayuk revealed that South Sudan has sixty percent of women and there is no way they can be left out in the oil and gas sector.
“As we push on investors to develop local content which does not depend only on the men, we are talking about women and we need to address issues in the sector such as sexual abuse, job promotions and motivation so that women are inspired to join the industry,” Ayuk said.
He urged women that they should not give up because there are a lot of opportunities for them in the Oil and Gas sector.
According Ayuk, women get services such as fuel, food and rent cheap because they are women and this explains why he is advocating for more women in the oil and gas sector in the country.

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