Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan flights continue to land in Juba

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Despite the temporary suspension of the flights from the coronavirus affected countries, the planes from Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan continue to land at Juba International Airport.

Late last week, the government suspended the landing of direct flights from Egypt and Dubai in a bid to curb the coronavirus over on-going escalation of the virus.

Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan have confirmed cases of coronavirus as of last week.

Kur Kuol Ajieu, Director of Juba international Airport told Juba Monitor that his administration has not received any official directives from the government on the suspension of flights from Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan.

 “There is no official letter directed to me so that I can suspend them until now. Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airways and Sudan airline are still operating until we get circulars later. So we are waiting for any communication from the Ministry of Health,” Kuol said.

He admitted that they were implementing the suspension of flights from Dubai and Egypt as directed by the government last week.

“The government is working hard to control that virus not to enter the country; we make more portions in the airport right to screen all the people arriving. We screen them all in the airport,” Kuol added.

He added that Egyptian flight has not been landing due to the suspension but Kenyan airways and Ethiopian airline continue to land.

“I know it is very difficult to stop like that because I know our people but you have to minimize,” Kuol said.

There were already over 100,000 cases of coronavirus were reported worldwide with over 4,000 deaths.

South Sudan has not confirmed any case of coronavirus. All the suspected case were tested negative.

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