Ethiopia and S. Sudan vowed to strengthen ties

By John Agok

The bilateral relations between sisterly Countries has been boosted, after Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister met with President Kiir Mayardit this week.

Amb.Dina Mufti the Spokesperson of Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign affairs and International Cooperation told media in the Press conference yesterday.

“The Deputy Prime Minister Amb.Demeke Makonnen has a fruitful meeting with President Kiir and they reconfirmed good relations between sisterly Countries before and currently despite rumors simmering around that meant as disinformation by negative elements”, Mufti stated.

He admitted that, president Kiir reassured Ethiopia government his utmost support and dismissed in strongest term possible about allegations of South Sudan alleged supporting TPLF factions. Adding that, rumors run wild that, South Sudan has given military base for Egyptian government.

” We had a bilateral ties rooted in historical background between Sudan and Ethiopia. Where Ethiopia backed up the liberation of South Sudan which led to its independence. Ethiopia has also had relentless support and cooperation with Juba, given the fact that, scholarship we give to South Sudanese students and pledge infrastructure development among others”, he added.

Mufti also revealed that, Ethiopia government has no bad intentions of African Countries refuting alleged friction between Egypt and Ethiopia due to water sharing across Blue Nile.

“Ethiopia stand with AU to solve African Problems and not create unnecessary tensions. These are bluntly rumors concocted by negative forces to tarnish image of our Country. South Sudan has absolute right to welcome Egypt to its territory, but the redline is when Egypt are given military base in South Sudan to threatened Ethiopia”, he underscored.

Amb.Dina Mufti noted that, the war going on now on Ethiopia is being imposed them by Rebels, although the government has intention of dialogue.

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