Establishment of federal system will break deadlock          

By Chairman Manyang Parek von Chief Parek

It is apparent that self-ego outburst of anger was motivated and fueled by chronic mistrust and hate within SPLM/A warlords for many years. This rebellion over power has existed for long time since the liberation struggle against successive Islamic Arab regime of the Sudan for achievement of freedom of our country.  It has certainly reached a boiling pot that exploited and ended into bloody political crisis and violence that resulted into death of poor citizens. This is tribal warfare by its nature as it contains no clear vision, and objective without ideology for anyone to rely on politically within the society. In a sense this conflict is about control of status quo in order to make riches through corruption and greed for more wealth without minding of the poor citizens. It has indeed ended in economic collapse and insecurity across the nation today.

Above all, these warring parties are fighting themselves for power control to a point of having done bad things that led to death of many citizens. Although a leader of right mind should have logically done right decision of reinstating Dr. Riek Machar into the government with immediate establishment of federal system. Of course must be based on six states that are tribal free as Christian states in Africa. It is well stated by Chairman Manyang Von Chief Parek that federal system is the only feasible solution to the centuries-rebellion within South Sudan that can keep us together in unity as brothers and sisters in Christ. Thus, federal system needs Prime Minister as executive ruler, while President must remain ceremonial with limited powers to avoid practice of dictatorship and tyranny. So the principle of revitalization is about consolidation and implementation of past peace agreement as was signed by conflicting leaders in 2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, which has become the milestone for resolution of the ongoing civil war in our country in order to bring peace followed by reconciliation among our people. Thus, bringing confidence building and trust instead of dwelling on war campaign as if they were not comrades during the liberation struggle for independence of the country in order to live together in peace and harmony.

Strictly speaking, the remaining hope in this aspect is for the President to try his best to reconcile with Dr. Riek for the sake of peace by ruling the nation together for two or three years until election time. That is an obligation on his part as President; he has to stop the ongoing war which was created by SPLM leadership whether consciously or unconsciously. Otherwise, no need of beating around the bush with engagement in senseless war campaign as if nothing is so painful to human being. Especially when one is out of power and many arrows do strike on you because of mismanagement of the economy through practice of corruption.  This is an act of crime against humanity that strike on back of a leader to a point of death. Thus, such consequences can always be avoided by first agreeing together in how to identify dynamic and knowledgeable intelligent leaders who can run the institutions of government in more effective manner. This is the time to appoint right leaders into relevant positions in order to boost the economic development being sign of good governance that must be put in place by those having the right capacity and skills of ruling the system of governance within our society.

Therefore, adopting federal system will break the political deadlock than dwelling on tribal connotations that create disunity and disintegration of the nation. Hence, moving in that direction makes it easy for us to achieve peace agreement than derailing and delaying peace. In this view to increase restiveness among the ranks of conflicting factions do keep on with revival of warlord’s activities which make it hard for us to achieve necessary peace within the country. Here there is no point of wasting resources of the nation without stopping and forging for peace agreement. War does deprive citizens of opportunities for economic and social uplift through development aid from United States and European countries. And adoption of federal system can totally rid all partisan considerations of war not to be held responsible for distraction of the country. Earlier amendment of constitution if done would be better as a way of accommodating federal system not to be used as a subterfuge for achieving objective of deception. It is setup to end recurrent senseless war because it gives South Sudanese sense of self-rule with preservation of their cultural identity according to their own ideology. This Peace accord can allow integration and rehabilitating of SPLM-1O army combatants into national army until election period in the end.

In conclusion the positive and negative that are brought about by act of political oppression that has resulted to frequent rebellions within SPLM warlords  should in fact be a big lesson to our people from now. The fight between huge sea and big mountains will keep on going until the weak are swallowed while the mountain breaks the head of the weak. Otherwise no need of going for peace negotiation and come back without peace with set of redlines by hardliners as if they own the country. Both leaders who are fighting themselves must be part of the TGoNU government for the sake of peace without anybody owning status quo for that matter. Worthily, the legitimacy of the president has already expired making it impossible to keep on ruling the country in legal term.

Clearly it is better to keep on exploring the best government whether being technocrat government without warring leaders or they both rule again as brothers in Christ in peace and harmony. It is out of question for Minister of Information who is a technocrat as a Lawyer to be talking with strong view as if he owns the nation alone. Although these warring parties has definitely learned the hard way from each other since liberation struggle up to 2013 and 2016 they kept on fighting themselves bitterly over power without any sense of reconciliation for the sake of peace within the country. Thus our crisis is all about lack of visionary leaders who can rule the country in peace without practicing wars. Definitely it is safer for politicians to first amass political ideas through education instead of using military force and dictatorship without rationalization of political issues in a right manner.


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