Eritreans celebrate their Independence Day in S. Sudan

Eritrean Communities in S. Sudan put their Independence Day Celebration in Its exceptional context (Photos: David Mono Danga: May 26, 2018)

Compiled by David Mono Danga

Many countries celebrate their independence days and have a variety of historical background. However a number of these eventful days have come into reality in the wake of decolonization while some have been achieved through armed struggle.

Invariably each of these armed struggle movements had its own trajectory and inherent quintessence. Many depended on external assistance for the realization of their objectives, some had shorter time horizon or had been shouldered mainly by the male section of their populations. Yet others like Eritrea have had the misfortune to go it alone and endure extraordinary helplessness, isolation and an arduous long journey up to fruition. In some instances the enemy was of moderate measure while in others it was overwhelming and bolstered by one or the other most powerful nations on earth.



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