Equatoria delegates denounce boycotting youth convention

By: Kitab A Unango

Equatoria delegates to the second convention of national youth union have denounced allegation that they would not participate in the convention.

Last weekend some Equatoria members claiming to be legitimate delegates to the convention said they did not accept the criterion set forth by the steering committee that defines youth as below 35 and above 18.

And they also rejected the qualification criterion set by the steering committee which permits only people holding diploma or degree to participate in the convention.

Speaking on behalf of heads of delegates from 9 states of Equatoria last Saturday, Beneth Owolinguwa William condemned the move saying they have not boycotted and they would take part in the convention scheduled to take place today.

“Now having reviewed the position paper alleged to have been signed by the heads of the 9 states, we the authorized delegates and heads of delegations of the 9 states of greater Equatoria do hereby denounce and condemn in the strongest term possible the action taken by few individual members of the greater Equatoria who do not represent the views of delegates and who have not been authorized to speak on behalf of the delegates,”  said Beneth.

The delegates resolved that they would support the steering committee’s youth age limit between 18 and 35 which they said was the standard worldwide.

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