Equality between men and women

By Michael Ngor Atem

The word equality is the way of putting the rights of men and women together. This means no specific gender should be considered more valuable than the other.

Man must not think that woman are weak or voiceless in the family or leadership. A woman can do what a man does. Do we all agree or not? According to me we don’t obey this. Men have taken all responsibilities thinking they are capable, perfect and the only ones entitled to be in leadership. But are women not leaders?

They are multipliers of the world but without them who will give birth to children, nourish, feed and teach them until they become matured people in life.

This must teach us to respect and value women. And how can we start this strong practice. The ways we should instigate it are as follow. The women’s rights should be considered in all levels that is socially and politically.

Their needs and rights for living should be put into effective consideration by their husbands and leaders. Women can promote peace if their voices are heard. They are the ones who always cry because of being victimized. The violence such as sexual abuse and physical torture by their men made them live in sorrow and sadness.  Their rights are not honoured.

And perhaps is the reason why the peace is not going well. Peace negotiation can go well if citizen rights equalized. How can you make it? We can make it through promotion of everyone’s right especially rights of women. All their words should not be undermined because a woman is a second God, she can bless or curse because all people come into the world through her womb.

What I have seen is that peace negotiators are almost men but women are not given chance to participate in a big number which is unfair. Let’s stop criticizing our women because they are our mothers.

In this kind of country where there are conflicts there is uncontrolled death and women are the victims. Their little properties regularly get robbed and they are rapped. This an evil act against women. Why should they be traumatised to live sorrowful life?

We will not be happy or stable in our life because the mistreatment of women is resulting as curses onto our necks. Their rights are denied and they now live in depression and isolation.

Some men treat their women as just ‘’something bought with dowry’’ and they command them like their servants.

Men move smartly and proudly outside and behind them is a woman cooking, washing and advising them. Woman is a precious gift that changes the world and makes it a beautiful place for a living.


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