By Akol Arop Akol

Sometimes I think it is better to be alone without a confusing creature called girl or woman, never to ask their names, or never compliment them because they will know that you like them and if you like them you will eventually come to admire and then propose. Thereafter, without an interview, they reject your application and throw it into a dustbin. I mean they refuse your love proposal, even if you confess thousand times they wouldn’t understand you at all. Imagine without understanding your struggle to approach them.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t greet them at all because they will start paying good things with bad things. You call them to greet every day; they only try to call you once a month just because you complained of not being called.

Imagine as a man complimenting individually or them all that they are beautiful, smart, cute, adorable, curved, and well-body-shaped yet in return would not do the same to me as a man. They may compliment me according to the capacity of my wallet/pocket.  

Imagine talking about a girl’s beauty and goodness with your friends while she is there in a group discussing negatively about you with her friends, they gossip, they Google your life, and they compare your living-standards with theirs or others. One says “My boyfriend spends almost 100 dollars on our outing.’’ and another says, ‘’he bought for me a shoe of 200 dollars.”  Another says ‘’my only king sends 5K SSP airtime whenever I ask him.”

They talk about belongings, expenditures, luxury dinners and future goals and how to magnify and trap rich Sons of Adam as husbands. Men hunt for good girls which takes long time and sacrifices to get one. But to girls, they only use their skills to get right men. That tycoon with fat bank account, he who dresses like Prince and spends money like a son of governor of a bank simply gets grabbed by wrong girls. They make sure a good boyfriend speaks money only.

You get my point!  I need us (men) to understand why most girls and women end up being our betrayers, enemies, Wealth destroyers and life obstacles. If you get a man drinking alcohol, taking drugs, or going for robbing, he must likely have a bad girlfriend or wife who doesn’t advise him. But instead blames him and gives tiny limited love which requires money to be injected in to work but still can’t work just like how South Sudan sometimes injects dollars and produces new notes into the market yet nothing works, economy is still poor.

You fine a group of boys sitting; they are talking about sports, school, business, future plans or how to treat their girlfriends in a way that makes them happy. A boy may tell his 10 friends “guys I need this girl as a girlfriend” and this is to make sure no one should apply for her anymore as they are friends; they also help him in mediation and engaging the girl. But when you see most of the girls sitting, they could only be talking negatively about boys and maybe movies they have watched the previous night. Those movies are about relationships stuff. I feel what they watch does make them professional gossipers and players. They keep comparing boys, who is better, who dresses to kill, to attract and who has money. They never mine your dignity, personality or good attitude because they are blinded by materials.

Why do I talk like this!  I haven’t experienced any story like this, but am talking as a fellow brother and as a Writer to make our females understand that relationships should not be materialized. Love is life and life is love. We cannot live in place where we don’t love or with people we don’t love.

This shows love and life are bonds that should not be separated. Did we buy life from God? Do we pay Him to love us or to buy his love?  All are free and that’s why we must try to be fair and equal, no man has a private factory of love in his heart. So why would females expect every sign of love to be done by men? It is a natural feeling in our hearts as humans; of course men and women or boys and girls, why would girls sell their love?

Girls, can’t you accept your power and value as humans who have abilities and purpose of becoming someone better, rich and successful in life?  Would you only like to depend on men, gossiping the less fortunate and moving on to the lucky ones? Changing them like clothes! Is that what God needs you to be perhaps a cheater, player, gossiper, parasite, follower and love-seller?  You can’t convince me that something called True Love or at first glance exists. We only have love at first dining restaurant, first date in front of chicken. That is so funny.

The summary of this article is that we human beings despite our different genders (as men or women) are equal and deserve equal respect, love and attention. Not confusion, complications, exploitations, and gossiping. We must not allow our mines to be controlled by bad concepts, expectations and love for earthly materials.

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