Episcopal Diocese Bishop in Tore Payam for a pastoral visit

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

The Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Yei yesterday paid his first pastoral visit to Angeibi Archdeaconry in Tore Payam of Yei River County in Central Equatoria State since his installation as Bishop of the diocese.

Bishop Levi Marundulu Yepete, explained that his recent visit covered the entire Tore Payam including Adio and Rasolu.

He says the visit renewed the hope of Christians in faith and spiritually changed their lives.

“We had a very successful trip to Tore and we were well received in all the centers of Rasolu, Angeibi, tore center Morowa Goli and Adio Boma.My visit to Angeibi Archdeaconry gave hope to the people. The church is the institution that is very close to the people and it gives them hope, “He said.

The episcopal prelate regrets that the humanitarian situation of the entire citizens in the Payam is in a dire need since no humanitarian organizations are present on the ground.

He calls for an immediate intervention from the Aid organizations to rescue the suffering population of Tore Payam.

The episcopal Bishop regrets that many children in the area have no access to education which he believes could affect the future of the young generation in the area.

“No single presence of humanitarian organizations in the ground. There are many children but there no education services with exception of Goli where parents are willing to support the opening of schools, but no teachers to teach the children,” Bishop Levi worries.

Another challenge that is facing the communities in Tore is lack of access to clean drinking water, cites the religious leader.

He further regrets that his people resorted to fetching water from the streams and rivers around which is not safe for human consumption.

Levi pointed out lack of functional health facilities and shortage of medicines in the government primary health care Centre in the whole of the Payam.

The official reveals that the entire population is ready to cultivate as soon as the rain season commences but lack of agricultural tools hinder them from making progress in their plans to produce enough food.

It is his first pastoral visit to the outside Arch-deaconry since he was installed as the Bishop of the episcopal diocese of Yei replacing retired Bishop Hillary LuateAdeba last Year.

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