Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Environmental revolution seems to be taking root in the continent. At home, the leadership recently announced that in the coming ten years the country will have planted 100 million trees to make it one of the greenest nation in the continent after Ethiopia which had already surpassed China and India once considered to be the world’s leading countries in tree planting. Before the announcement could be swallowed another program by the President Kiir and Prime Minister Abiy of Ethiopia is set to come handy in supplementing the original mega plan. At this very moment it has been reported for the first time that there are seven billion trees outside forests in Africa for the first time according to the new data survey. Here l got a bit confused. “Outside or inside forest” that part let me leave it to the experts. My layman’s views and opinion in this one is that something was in the offing with African coming to be themselves by chatting their own cause for their people. The continent is throwing and running away from dependency on what is commonly known as “foreign or international experts”. Just stop for a minute and imagine a well-managed green country where logging is control and where loggers are required to plant twotrees for one cut or fell down for reasonable purposes. The green campaign which is intended to be launched should incorporate all sectors of the development and economic growth in the country. Ethiopia also intend to supply all the neighbouring countries with plenty of tree seedlings to ensure the campaign of the green environment was realized not within Ethiopia alone but in the whole region. This is a positive move by a friendly neighbour who cannot eat alone while those around him go hungry. It is a move which should be honestly reciprocated from the beginning to its successful conclusion with a green everywhere as a fruitful result. Collectively we all must join the program or project when it takes off the ground and collectively push its agenda forward.The programs should now get the blessing and be owned by the citizens by doing one noble thing, protecting the natural forests and planting at least a tree once in a while without laboring too much without making it  a big issue. Communities could organize themselves to start tree planting programs in their areas. Both the national and state departments of environments should be at hand to assist and support those with ideas and intention of planting trees in their areas. Borrow a leaf from Greenbelt movement where they talk trees and environment only nothing but green. If ever one is lucky to be in Dubai, kindly take a drive to Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE and see what greenbelt has done on both sides of the road. Indeed you will be impressed. But is this what we want. No if you are impressed then make your own city and country to be more impressive and to attract visitors to see the nature and original beauty. Those who have seen the tress in China and India will agree with me that it is workable when one is dedicated to the cause.

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